Steps for the Perfect Betting Choices As per Copybook

Steps for the Perfect Betting Choices As per Copybook

In order not to waste money unnecessarily, it is necessary to know the bettor’s golden rules. Below is a list of tips to apply on sports betting site.

Avoid wagering on extremely high odds (over 40)

This is the kind of odds that can be found in “Half-time / End-of-Match” bets for Team 1 to lead at half-time and lose at the end of the match. Be aware that statistically this kind of situation happens every 60 to 70 games.

Avoid wagering on extremely low odds (less than 1.2)

This is the kind of rating that is found on a given player or team that is widely favored and 99% winning. In the short term, it’s interesting because you will win a lot of bets (and small winnings) but in the long run the unexpected counter-performance comes sooner or later. With the 안전토토사이트 this is a very important matter now.

Prefer “simple” bets to “complex” bets

It is better to bet on a bet of the type “Victory / Null / Defeat (1X2)” than on a random bet of the style “At which minute will be marked the first goal?”. This kind of bet is too risky and the odds are not high enough.

Make combined bets of a few matches (Combo)

Each bookmaker allows you to combine as many matches as you say. For example, if you combine 3 matches with odds of 2.5 / 3 and 4.2 and you win you will win 31.5 times your bet (2.5 X 3 X 4.2 = 31.5). By cleverly combining several matches the gains can very quickly grow while playing small amounts of money.

Bet as late as possible

It is advisable to wait until the last moment to bet in order to have the maximum of information (team composition, wounded, conditions of games for example).

Make live bets

  • On certain events, you can bet at the same time as the course of the event. Thus the odds vary according to the situations of game and the time remaining to play.
  • Avoid betting on a team without a goal
  • Motivation is an essential element in sport. Thus, a team already champion or relegated will have more difficulty to transcend to win a team still having a goal.
  • Register on several bookmakers to take advantage of differences in odds

The odds can be very different from one bookmaker to another. This is very unknown to the general public, but some ratings may have significant variations from one site to another (up to 30% difference in earnings).

Steps for the Perfect Betting Choices As per Copybook

  • Take advantage of bonuses when registering sports betting sites
  • This is a very good way to have a very good starting capital and play safely for a long time.

Never bet above these means

The bet is an entertainment never forgets it. If you are in financial difficulty because of gambling abuse or are addicted to gambling, some sites may help you. But no, precisely, it is in these moments that you really have to have good management, as much in the good series, as in the bad series, because one as the other can be very dangerous for your finances.